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Do you belong to those who like traveling and enjoying the natural view? If you like to refresh your mind in beaches, these tropical beaches can be a good option for you.
Lombok and Gilis Islands are two beautiful islands with beautiful beaches which are located in Indonesia. You may have visited Bali. It is one of the most beautiful islands in this tropical country. Lombok and Gilis are also good option for you to visit instead of Bali.
Lombok Island.
This island is located on the east side of Bali Island, precisely in Nusa Tenggara Barat. It is separated by Lombok Straight from Bali and Alas Straight from Sumbawa Island (for more information, you can have a look on its map). The total area of this island is 4.725 km2.
Many people say that this is the second Bali. It has clean beaches so that you can enjoy your time at these. Moreover, for those who love surfing, the beaches in this Island offer you a big wave. They are also calm and exotic.
Another tourism object you can find in this island is Rinjani Volcanic Mountain. It stands 3.726 m high above the sea that makes this mountain becomes the third highest mountain in Indonesia. From the east part of Rinjani's peak, you will see a fascinating view, Segara Anak (lake) which is surrounded by Barujari Mountain. It offers you an amazing view.
Gili Trawangan
This island is located on the west part of Lombok Sea. It only has 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. It is claimed to be the smallest island in the world that offers various tourism object. You can also find Ireland bar in here.
There are a lot of popular activities that can be done here. Some of them are scuba diving (PADI certification), snorkeling, kayak, and surfing. You can also ride horse to go around the island. It must be a wonderful experience to have.
In this island, there is no vehicle. Means of transportation that is used here is bicycle and cidomo (traditional cart). You can hire it from the inhabitants. For coming in and out of the island, you can use speed boat.
Gili Air
It is the closest island to Lombok. It offers you beautiful beach with white sand and rocks. You can find a lot of hotel here, from the most expensive to the reasonable one. You can also find food, from European to traditional food.
Gili Meno
It is located in between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. It offers you beautiful tropic beach which is very natural with white sand. It also offers you monyet pusuk (monkey) forest and bird garden which has a lot of beautiful bird collection from all over Indonesia and other countries.

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Penang is a city in Malaysia and is well-known as a top holiday destination for many travellers. Penang was once upon a time known as "Pulau Pinang" or the "Isle of the Betel Nut". Today it is the food capital of Malaysia.http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Fmfp0CB7FE4/TWy4tRbQL-I/AAAAAAAAAdQ/eQtLsIk33rg/s400/SPG+Seksi+Semarang.jpg
It is not difficult to find tasty food in Penang. Almost every street around it has at least one or two food stalls with delicious and quality food. Many magazines in the world have recognised Penang as one of the cities that offers the best street food.
Apart from food, Penang has hundreds of hotels to offer, ranging from budget hotels to 5-Star luxurious hotels. If you are budget-conscious, there are 2 cheap Penang hotels which are worth mentioning

This 3-Star hotel is located near the airport. Some nearby tourist attractions include the Toy Museum and Gurney Plaza. The hotel building has 19 floors and 318 well-equipped guest rooms including refrigerators, coffee makers, televisions with satellite channels and mini-bars. Irons with iron boards and wake-up calls can be arranged on request. There are also amenities like spa services and massage rooms. For business travellers, there are conference rooms, meeting rooms and secretarial services as well.
This is a popular 4-Star hotel for the price of a 3-Star hotel. It is located in Georgetown which is near to the famous Fort Cornwallis. The great looking hotel has 20 floors and 237 guest rooms which are fully furnished with standard facilities like mini-bars, refrigerators, bathrooms feature phones, shaving mirrors and coffee makers. There is a restaurant and a lounge at the hotel for your dining options. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and a child care centre at your service. If you need to check your emails, you can access the internet at the public areas.
Whether you are travelling for business or merely visiting Penang with your family members for a holiday, it is important to choose the right hotel for the trip. Remember that it is not necessarily true that cheap hotels are always bad. Many hotels offer excellent service and reasonable price.
Looking for the best hotel for your trip is not easy especially if this is your first trip to Penang. Fortunately you can obtain a lot of information from the internet. Search for cheap hotels in Penang and compare the prices. Very often, many hotels offer special rates and free add-on services if you were to book online.

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When you need to have a great holiday in a place where you will have no hassle or strain in getting the best for your holiday, then the place to be is at the South east of Asia. In here you will find one of the longest hidden secrets in the world. Here, you are to find a pair of islands which are known to offer great attractions and also
resorts that will handle all your endeavors while at this place. You will get great hotel accommodation which will be coupled up with great room service attendances and also great and finger licking meals. They will serve you with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus loads of other refreshments throughout the day. The meals are form great chefs who have been professionally trained and also have work in various atmosphere plus have great knowledge in twisting your taste buds till they match up with the local dishes and ingredients.
One of the islands is the Bintan which is considered as the biggest in the over three thousand islands that can be traced in the South East side of Asia. Here, you will find great packages for couples on honeymoons, corporate bigwigs who are planning on having a retreat to wind up the year and also a treat for the whole family on a holiday. The accommodation are in various types such as the presidential suites for the VIP's to simple and well kept suites for those looking to keep a low profile. The hotels are close to the beach and will offer wonderful
packages that come in the many water sport events such as skiing, boat rides, and golfing as well as beach volleyball games. Some will get into the extent of offering you with pampering in their modern spas as well as health clubs. They will also come with great and vast gardens which will be of great value just in case you are intending to have a walk to refresh your mind.Moving on to the second one which is referred to as Bantam, people have come to adore it as a holiday destination too. In the past, it was regarded by many businessmen as a place to set up their multinational companies and investments. But lately people have realized and also embraced it as a place to have their holidays.
It is packed with many budget accommodations that will cause no strain to your budget and also will make you have a good time with your family at an affordable rate. Your will get to experience great golfing from the well maintained golf courses and also various water sports and also beautiful sandy beaches and clean and crystal clear sea waters.Set out to these exotic islands and you will be among the first to discover a great and massive secret that has never been unleashed before. You will get great accommodations as well as exceptional services that are driven at making the holiday worthwhile. Get the best to reap great from a holiday ready to start off on a productive season.

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Bintan is an island part of the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. It is the next popular destination after Bali in Indonesia. It has a rich history and heritage to follow as it acted as the trading post between India and China in the 3rd century. The capital, Tanjung Pinang, is a small lively town.
Bintan being just a ferry ride away from Singapore, another popular holiday destination, is conveniently located and accessed by most major hubs of Indonesia. Pulau Penyengat, is a famous place where the old remains of the Malay Palace reside. The Trikora Beach is a serene and quiet locale surrounded by white sand, calm waters and unadulterated atmosphere. Its beauty can transfer you into a world of your own. Bintan is also known for its famous resorts and spas including the Aura Spa that helps in rejuvenating the tired souls.
Go on an Adventure Trek
The Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek is a trekker's paradise. With the high rising mountains and the rainforests in tow, it also offers spectacular spotting of rare and fascinating native flora and fauna. Lagoi Park and Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Bintan and invites travelers to view the peaceful lush greenery around. Go native and experience the lives of the locals by being a part of the Sri Bintan Eco Tour! Or you could absorb the local way of life and learn to fish the conventional way through the Traditional Fishing Tours by cruising along the pristine waters of the Sebung River.
Go back home with lovely souvenirs! Not exactly a shopper's paradise, Bintan, though, has several unique Indonesian handicraft stores that can appeal to you. While in the capital, tourists must visit the street peddlers that offer various flamboyantly colored and locally made goods. Pasar Oleh Oleh located within the Bintan hotel is a major food and shopping spot. Right from the traditional sweets to sarongs, you can find everything here!http://www.dapurpacu.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/ratupos2010-27-460x305.jpg
Popular local cuisine includes Keropok and Kueh Lapis. Seafood is found in abundance with vast varieties, catering delicacies to one and all. Excitehotels.com offers various exciting deals on the hotels in Bintan for your convenient stay. The offers include reasonable tariffs and comfortable accommodation, thereby enhancing your holiday. Bintan is yet another holiday destination in Indonesia that can charm you with its pristine beaches, traditions and culture, Dutch colonial history and above all, its simplici

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Jakarta, Indonesia, July 9th 2008 - Jakarta is a strange juxtaposition of being the capital of the world's largest Islamic country, but at the same time its nightlife is also one of the most vibrant in the Asia Pacific region.
From hanging out with the "chi chi" in an upscale lounge, to exploring the seediest discos, or just grabbing a beer at the local sports bar, Jakarta offers a wide selection of over 200 bars, clubs, pubs and lounges scattered across the entire city to cater to every whim and preference.
To hang out with Jakarta's young, rich and beautiful, try the Red Square in the Plaza Senayan Arcadia annex, reported to be Jakarta's first vodka bar and restaurant and which is very popular with expats in the city. X2 Club nearby is also a place to see and be seen, although some say that it has lost some of its luster recently, but still the music and cocktails are excellent.
The fashionable Kemang area in South Jakarta is popular with expats and locals alike. It has numerous places to explore for haute cuisine, excellent cocktails and to dance the night away. Casa, a small bar and restaurant in Kemang, is a haunt for creative types, and trendy in its own restrained way. Nu China is a club and bar that is currently popular with college types.
If you are looking for a place for a good, quiet glass of wine, check out the Cork and Screw, a bistro and wine bar in Kuningan. Known for its good food and even better wine selection, Cork and Screw is arguably one of the most affordable wine bars in the city today.
Segarra is an outdoor lounge by the sea in the Ancol resort area of North Jakarta that is a world away from the grim of the city. With an amazingly unique beach bar atmosphere that you wouldn't find anywhere else in Jakarta, you can relax while chilling on a sofa in the sea breeze or on one of the lounge chairs that dot the deck along the shore.
The Hard Rock Café in Plaza Indonesia is an old favorite for burgers and fries, with a live music band on most weekends. Cazbar in Mega Kuningan, just behind the Ritz Carlton Hotel, also offers a local sports bar like atmosphere that is a nice, relatively quiet spot to hang out over a beer and on slow weekday evenings. Jaya Pub , probably the oldest pub in town, models itself after the old pubs in Amsterdam and is a great way to blend a little Batavian culture with a good beer.
A nightlife district popular among single expats is Blok M in South Jakarta, or more specifically Jalan Palatehan 1, a single lane just north of the bus terminal which is packed full of pubs, bars and clubs geared almost squarely towards the single Western male expat.
When going out in Jakarta, be aware that a fairly high number of working girls, known in local parlance as "ayam", congregate in nightspots, so much so that many female clientele often get mistaken for being on the take. So be careful when going out as a female in the city - always go in groups.
Be sure to avoid the Kota area in North Jakarta, considered to be the seediest part of town after midnight. If you must explore just for the sake of trying it once, we suggest you restrict yourself to the regular discos in Kota, such as Stadium and Crown, but, even so, these clubs have special areas designated for prostitutes.
To address some practicalities, night life in Jakarta does tend towards the pricey end, for local living standards at least. In general, dress codes are strictly enforced in most bars and clubs in the city: dress sharply, or at the very least smart casual and definitely no shorts or slippers. During Ramadan, the holy Muslim fasting month, all nightlife ends at midnight and some operations close for the entire month.

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Positioned ideally in the area of Menteng, Jalan Surabaya which is also known as Surabaya Street Market is a place that should not be left unexplored when visiting Jakarta. It is a great way to discover the past of Indonesia and a great way to move away for a moment from the ultra modern world.http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-I45B_CW41xc/TZsy1HNKraI/AAAAAAAAARE/wLeCWBM9IA0/s400/spg%2Bseksi%2Bjakarta4.jpg
Jakarta is home to numerous contemporary shopping malls, selling some of the finest and most up to date products from all across the world. But Jalan Surabaya is an unusual open air market where travelers get the chance to own a precious piece of Indonesia's past. It is among the very few remaining theme markets in the country and yet continues to attract large numbers of customers. People from all across the country as well as the world converge at the famed Jalan Surabaya to buy or sell timeless pieces of 'antiques'.
This unrivaled antique market in Menteng, is a haven for collectors of antiques, art enthusiasts as well as historians. Jalan Surabaya set off with only a few shops trading Chinese porcelains a few decades ago. Years later this attractive open market started to evolve and grew in to a theme market that boasts an extensive variety and size. Today this vibrant market is set in an appealing residential area with countless stalls selling a large collection of mesmerizing antiques.https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-LJNQ_XmZLzc/TY2jIuMQA4I/AAAAAAAAAlI/grwFuCRHBCY/s320/spg_bispak_semarang_1.jpg 
Most stores found in Jalan Surabaya specializes in various products ranging from traditional Javanese masks, statues made of wood, Victorian lamps, old books, porcelain, various antique ornaments, silver, brass, antique telephones to even old cameras.
Since Jalan Surabaya is located ideally in one of the most selected areas of Central Jakarta, shopping here is considered not too hectic. The market does not get immensely crowded, therefore visitors can experience a rather quiet and pollution free shopping spree.

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Traveling can be quite an expensive hobby. There are many things to consider in your budget, like airfares or other cost of transportation, tour fees, entrance tickets, pocket money, and of course temporary lodging during you stay. Good thing that there are many hotels with quality accommodations while maintaining very affordable rates. It makes budgeting a little bit easier.
When one finds such a hotel, it is very likely that he will tell it to everyone he knows. And by word of mouth, it will be passed on to many people. This is how these hotels basically earn their good reputation. And this is how they become famous internationally. Some of these hotels are listed here.
There is JW Marriott Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This hotel has an impressive modern architectural design, having a glass facade that leads to the marble atrium lobby. It is located a few kilometers away from the waterfront, Dubai Museum, Ski Dubai and International Airport. The hotel is designed with modern Arabic touches and has state-of-the-art facilities and great amenities as well.
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysai, the Hotel Imperial is very famous. This is a 38-story building, formerly known as The Sheraton Imperial conveniently located near the Convention Center and the Petronas Twin Towers. Their guests will enjoy shopping in luxurious boutiques and shops, dine in famous restaurants, and experience the thrill in several wine bars and nights spots. This hotel features a mixture of modern facilities and different architectural designs from different cultures. Lots of great amenities are also offered.
Another example is the Radisson Hotel Shimla in India. It is located in Shimla, a few kilometers away from Shimla Railway Station. This hotel features 59 guestrooms with breathtaking views overlooking the Himalayan Mountains. Amenities include high-speed Internet access, mini bars, and in-room safes. Restaurants boast delicious Indian and other International cuisines. Meeting rooms can accommodate up to 100 people. They guarantee first class service at cheap rates.
In Canada, the talk of the town is the Quality Hotel and Conference Center. This hotel is situated near the casino, the falls, and in the middle of the tourist district in Ontario. Guests can enjoy visiting to other local landmarks while staying in this hotel. Amenities included are whirlpool, wakeup service, safety deposit box (front desk), indoor and outdoor pools, and complimentary breakfast. Children 16 years old and below are free of charge. It is also near to the area attractions such the Butterfly Conservatory and many more. Quality Hotel and Conference Center is a smoke-free hotel.
The Berlin Marriott Hotel is in Germany. Although European vacations are generally expensive, your stay in Berlin Marriott is not so. This hotel offers first class accommodations at very irresistible rates. The hotel is also conveniently located near the famous attractions in Berlin. This makes your stay here a strike two in one deal.
Other hotels having international fame because of value for money accommodations are Sheraton Orlando Downtown, Radisson World Gate, Hotel Pointe Rivoli, Silver Springs Hotel, London House Hotel, Holiday Inn Central Plaza, Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing, and Intercontinental Financial Street Beijing.
Also try Grand Angkasa Hotel (Medan), Best Western Anglo Swiss Hotel, Hotel Du Nord et de l'est, the Hotel Wolcott, Statler Hotel, Sutton Place Suites, and Lourdes Hotel Roissy.